Welcome to my website featuring traditional and encaustic painting, photography, and experimental printmaking techniques. This site will explore, discuss, and demonstrate different ways of creating imagery with nontoxic materials and methods.

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Guest artist/photographer and printmaking techniques.

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  • Hand Print Etchings

    It is possible to hand print etchings without a press – successfully!  Remove the lid from an empty glass baby food jar and attach a short piece of wood, for gripping, to the lid with a strong adhesive and screws.  This must be a glass jar and these baby food containers are extremely sturdy. The […]

  • DIY Ink

    DIY (do it yourself ink) is easy to make.  By this I’m referring to water-based ink for intaglio and relief printing. This is very useful if you want to mix a small batch of an odd color or you are out of a particular color.  Using a large palette knife, mix together on a piece […]

  • DIYcave Bend

    DIYcave is a makerspace in Bend, OR. It “is based on a premise of self reliance, responsibility and sharing”.  This is a marvelous place where people can go to create or complete a project or take classes.  They offer monthly memberships or sign up for an individual class.  Last year a woman with no construction […]